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Die Cast Solutions

Exco Engineering (www.excoeng.com)
EXCO Engineering is located in Newmarket, Ontario and includes a 135,000 square-foot plant, complete with the most sophisticated machinery in the industry. Our foundry includes a 4,000 ton High Pressure Die Cast machine cell with spray and extraction robots and dedicated furnaces for each of A380 aluminium, A365 aluminium and magnesium, while our Engineering and CAM departments have received patents on important tooling methodologies and awards for demonstrating industry-leading proficiency in Design Software packages and other applications. From Preliminary Design to post-production Quality Assurance, Exco Engineering covers the spectrum of your tooling needs.

Exco Engineering Mexico
Located in Querétaro, Mexico, Exco Engineering Mexico is a full service tool builder, delivering both inserts and complete tooling for customers in Mexico and the United States. A significant investment in people and new equipment positions us to lead the High Pressure Die Cast tooling business in Mexico now and into the future.

Edco (www.edcodie.com)
Edco is located in Toledo, Ohio in a 45,000 square foot facility. With more than 50 years of experience, our commitment to advanced technology, superior tooling and the utmost quality remains unrivaled. As a result, EDCO’s engineered products cast parts of superior durability and performance, with impeccable dimensional accuracy and repeatability.

Castool (www.castool.com)
Castool Tooling Solutions is located in Uxbridge, Ontario and includes a 63,000 square-foot plant and provides the essential production tooling required by both extruders and die casters around the world. Castool also services the European market from its Allper subsidiary in Switzerland. For many years Castool has been at the forefront of technological development in the industries it serves, holding several critical patents. As a company, Castool is firmly committed to an operating philosophy of ongoing improvement, and is now the first tooling supplier to the aluminum extrusion and die casting industries in North America to be certified by the most demanding of quality management protocols, QS9000.


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